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Shure Partner Shop

Shure Partner Shop is the online shop for Shure B2B customers.

Shure Partner Shop is our new online shop for B2B customers, and it's already serving hundreds of satisfied users. So what about you?

  • Are you looking for one solution for all your product information, pricing and orders?
  • Want to check stock levels and availability dates in real time?
  • With an intuitive and responsive design for Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Devices?

If the answer is yes then sign up now for Shure Partner Shop now.

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Go to and login with your existing Shure ID.

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New to Shure Partner Shop?

Please contact your Shure Sales Manager or Customer Service to get a “ShureID”. You might already have a “ShureID” e.g. when you use the Shure TechPortal or DAL. In this case, please contact your Shure Sales Manager or Customer Service and ask for a login for Shure Partner Shop.

How To Videos

Watch this series of short videos to get familiar with the basic functions and features of the Shure Partner Shop.