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The versatile voice solution.

Speech comes in many forms. Sermons, rallies, keynotes: the list goes on. We’ve captured hearts and minds with our voices since we first learned to speak — limited only by imagination and amplification. Microflex® microphones ensure that what you share will always be heard.

There’s no one-size solution for capturing speech.

Every venue is as unique as the words that pass within it. Whatever the need, the versatile microphone types and accessories within the Microflex® family let you customise the setup to blanket the audience with pure, clear voice.

In tune with speech

Microflex microphone cartridges are focused specifically to capture human voice, so the speaker always commands attention.

Clean signal

Shure Commshield® is built into Microflex to reject RF interference from ever-present smartphones, keeping the focus on the content.

Visually versatile

In addition to meeting the audio needs of any space, low-profile designs naturally integrate with any aesthetic.

Standard-setting standards

Wherever quality can’t be compromised, you’ll find Microflex microphones. It’s the global benchmark for reliability in speech.

Microflex Overhead Microphones