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Microflex Ecosystem

Endlessly flexible, for the most demanding spaces. From microphones to DSPs to loudspeakers, the Shure Microflex Ecosystem offers a complete portfolio of networked audio solutions that can be precisely tailored to your needs, for best in-class collaboration experiences in any room.

The Microflex Ecosystem for AV Conferencing:

Ceiling Array Microphone
Now, pristine audio is automatic.


Discover the Microflex Ecosystem

Explore the Microflex Ecosystem for AV Conferencing

Example Meeting Rooms

Small Meeting Room Setup

Big decisions can come out of small spaces. Get things done with optimal audio solutions.



1 - MXA310 Table Array Microphone

1 - IntelliMix® Room Audio Processing Software

1 - MXN5W-C Networked Ceiling Loudspeaker


The Connected Workspace

Dynamic and tailored to the way you work. Complete your Microflex Ecosystem with add-on solutions from our certified Technology Partners.

Secure connections with Shure Audio Encryption, and seamlessly expand and manage your entire audio chain over any network infrastructure with Dante Domain Manager.

Microflex Ecosystem for Conferencing Resources

Microflex ecosystem conference room

The Microflex Ecosystem, Part 1: Conferencing Microphones

For a successful conference call, sound needs to be both intelligible and natural. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the role of the microphone to obtain this.
conference room discussion

The Microflex Ecosystem, Part 2: Digital Signal Processing

Meeting room sound needs to be both intelligible and natural Learn how digital signal processing helps achieve this.
white board discussion

The Microflex Ecosystem, Part 3: Loudspeakers

While a mic converts sound into an electrical signal, a loudspeaker converts signal back to sound. Learn why this is an essential part of the audio ecosystem.
meeting room discussions

The Microflex Ecosystem, Part 4: Software

With AV conferencing everywhere, the pressure is on to find solutions that are quick and easy to manage. Software can help you achieve these goals.
shure audio conference room

The Microflex Ecosystem, Part 5: Technology Partners

AV systems must work together to deliver the productivity that businesses & colleges need. Learn more about how Shure partners to help provide this capability.


Microflex® Ecosystem Videos

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