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Training Opportunities for AV & IT Professionals

Improve your knowledge, advance your career, or keep up-to-date with latest technologies. Whatever you’d like to achieve, the Shure Audio Institute provides an industry leading source of education and enablement trainings. In the area of integrated and networked systems, Shure offers two certification tracks for system integrators, consultants, and technical AV and IT users that cover Shure products, their application, and best practices for getting the most out of the Shure portfolio.

Level 1: Fundamentals

This certification track is designed for technical teams who support organizational AV infrastructures, and customer-facing Shure Channel Partners who provide end users with application best practice and comprehensive Shure Integrated Systems product information. 

Featured courses: 

  • Audio Basics for Meetings and Conferencing 
  • Wireless Basics 
  • Integrated Systems Portfolio Overview 
  • Networking for AV Professionals - Part 1 (The Basics) 
  • Best Practices on Merging AV and IT Systems 

Estimated time for completion of all courses is 5-8 hours. 

Level 2: Technical Application

The Level 2 certification covers technical enablement courses for experienced technicians, engineers and system designers who understand the challenges of system design, setup and configuration. Successful completion of Level 1 is required to access this training.

Featured courses: 

  • Conference Room Design Basics 
  • Networking for AV Professionals - Part 2 (Merging with the IT World) 
  • Shure Master Class: Wireless Best Practices and Techniques 
  • Audinate Dante™ Certification Level 1 and Level 2 (provided online by Audinate) 

Estimated time for completion of all advanced courses is 8-12 hours.

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Advanced Integrated Systems Certification 

Take your certification to the next level with a series of in-person, hands-on workshops covering technical sales and support, from how to respond to an RFP to how to setup, configure and troubleshoot Shure systems and solutions. Successful completion of Level 1 and Level 2 is required to access this training, along with select product courses. View the prerequisite courses.

Featured courses: 

  • How to Respond to an RFP Technical Sales Workshop
  • Microflex Ecosystem Solutions Technical Workshop
  • Systems for Conferencing & AV Conferencing Technical Workshop
  • Corporate Wireless Microphone Systems Technical Workshop


Get Started

How to access the Shure Integrated Systems Certification courses: 

Go Straight to the Tests 

Standalone Tests 

Each course within Level 1 and Level 2 ends with a short test to confirm your understanding of the content. If you are confident in your existing knowledge, you may go straight to the test without taking the course first: 

  1. Login to the SAI Online Learning Portal. 
  2. On the right side of the dashboard, click Join group. 
  3. Enter the group key code:  For Level 1 Standalone Tests: SystemsTests1, For Level 2 Standalone Tests: SystemsTests2 
  4. Standalone tests will be listed on your dashboard. Click the Start Course button and choose the test you’d like to take.  
  5. You have one try to pass each standalone test. If you fail, you have to complete the respective course before you can take the test again. 

Final Exams 

Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Programs conclude with comprehensive final exams that test your knowledge of all included course materials. To get direct access to the final exam, and skip individual courses and tests, please contact the Shure Audio Institute at

If you fail the final exam, you have to take all courses and tests before you can try again. Test out for standalone tests will not be possible. 

Get Your Certificates & Badges 

Upon completion of the courses and final exams in each level, you can directly download your certificate in the Portal. You may also contact the SAI team to receive “certified” badges and email signatures.

AVIXA CTS Renewal Units

The Shure Integrated Systems Certification Level 1 and Level 2 are eligible for AVIXA CTS Renewal Units (RUs). See details in the brochure or visit the AVIXA CTS RU Provider website for applicable credits.