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Meeting room microphones

Empowering smaller meetings

The best designed meeting rooms use innovative microphone installs to encourage productive conversation. Shure conferencing pushes the conversation further. 

The need for small groups to connect and collaborate across the globe is demanding more from huddle rooms.

The technology needs to enable teams and replicate the same successful teamwork as a face to face meeting. Whether users bring their own devices and services, or benefit from dedicated conferencing equipment and cloud-based services, huddle rooms now need to deliver the same high-quality communications experience as high-end meeting rooms. The expectations are high.   

With Shure, you get reliable audio solutions that enhance the conversation. Allow your team to focus on communication. Not the technology.

Microflex® Advance™ for the meeting room

Focus on the meeting with discreet audio

Meeting rooms need to be optimized for the adhoc conversation. Technology shouldn’t be inhibiting your teams. Our Microflex® Advance Ceiling Array microphones seamlessly fit into your meeting rooms. The steerable coverage allows for precise audio capture, ensuring you can be heard.

Microflex® Wireless for the meeting room

Flexible to your working style

Meetings are becoming more unplanned. You need solutions that are ready to go at the click of the button and can respond to the way you work. Microflex® Wireless provides you the flexibility to move but ensures you’ll always be heard.

P300 IntelliMix® Audio Conferencing Processor optimized for the meeting room

Optimize your meeting room

Meetings are critical to modern business. Colleagues connecting from multiple locations to discuss, debate and create new ideas. Don’t let echo, noise, or distortion take over the meeting.


Stem Ecosystem for any meeting room

Scalable audio for rooms of all sizes and shapes

Traditional conference room audio solutions limit you to either a one-size-fits-all option or a drawn-out and costly integration process. But, with the Stem Ecosystem, you now have an alternative solution that is scalable enough to provide customized audio coverage for any size room and a streamlined installation process that can be set up and ready to go in a single afternoon.

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