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Huddle room microphones

Empowering smaller meetings

Enhance collaboration in every meeting space with Shure’s huddle room solutions.

P300 IntelliMix® Audio Conferencing Processor optimized for Huddle rooms

Optimize your environment for AV conferencing.

Huddle rooms are being often created in environments which weren’t originally built for conferencing. Don’t let echo, noise, or distortion take over the meeting. The P300-IMX enhances every aspect of conference audio. Flexible signal routing allows for seamless connectivity between rooms, laptops and even mobile devices. Allowing your workforce to connect the way they want without impacting the quality of the call.

Microflex® Advance™ optimized for Huddle rooms

Enabling discussion every time.

Meeting rooms need to be optimized to enable team discussion planned or unplanned, technology shouldn’t get in the way. Our Microflex® Advance discreet microphones seamlessly fit into your meeting rooms. Steerable Coverage™ technology allows for precise audio capture, ensuring you can be heard. Let’s empower communication together.

A Stem Solution for Every Huddle room


Create the optimal brainstorming environment.

Huddle rooms are perfect for ad hoc brainstorming with colleagues, but it can be tricky to find the right audio solution to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. The Stem Ecosystem’s unique mix of audio endpoints gives you the freedom to choose the device that’s right for your huddle room space so you’ll never have to worry about your team’s creativity getting cut short by substandard audio.

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