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Hybrid Learning Solutions

Higher education has been disrupted. Students attending lectures online. Professors delivering classes from a remote office. Hybrid home-based and classroom models. Great audio is critical for inclusivity and learning. Find the Shure solution for your classroom.


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Microflex® Advance™ for Education

Microflex® Advance™ Networked Ceiling, Linear, and Table Array Microphones capture premium audio for education spaces, from conferencing to distance learning. High quality audio plays an increasingly important role as lectures are recorded and live streamed and MXA is the perfect solution for these applications. Adjustable microphone lobes can be configured for the configuration of the room to ensures accurate coverage, which results in a natural learning environment that inspires teachers and students.

MV5C for Education

Video conferencing and learning from home are the new normal. Make sure you sound professional and are heard clearly during important lectures, presentations, and discussions with the MV5C Home Office Microphone. The MV5C can be used with or without headphones. Simply plug it in with the supplied cables to a Mac or Windows computer and join your virtual classes with the confidence that you sound just as good at home as you do in the classroom.


Stem Ecosystem For Classrooms

Hybrid learning environments are here to stay, but most classroom audio setups aren’t equipped to handle the newest revolution in education. The Stem Ecosystem gives you the ability to mix and match up to 10 audio endpoints, so whether you’re in a 100-seat lecture hall or the library huddle room, your remote students can participate in classroom activities seamlessly and feel as if they are all in the room together.


Stem for S.T.E.M

For every Stem Ecosystem device sold by Shure, a donation will be made to various STEM-based organizations.

Audio Ecosystem

With a product portfolio that includes the complete audio signal chain from microphone to DSP to loudspeaker, Shure provides networked audio solutions for environments of all types, from small huddle rooms to large lecture halls, with unmatched ease of deployment, less complexity, and remote management.


Microflex® Microphones

Speech comes in many forms. Sermons, rallies, keynotes: the list goes on. We’ve captured hearts and minds with our voices since we first learned to speak — limited only by imagination and amplification. Microflex® microphones ensure that what you share will always be heard.


Wireless Microphone Systems

Experience the legendary Shure sound with the total freedom of a wireless solution.


SLX-D Digital Wireless System

New from Shure, SLX-D Digital Wireless. From live streaming your lectures to amplifying your message SLX-D has you covered.


SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software

Conquer complexity and scale. Developed to make managing large-scale Shure audio hardware deployments easier for you.

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