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Shure Announces “STEM For Stem” Program to Support Diverse Global Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Initiatives

March, 15 2023 |
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NILES, Ill., March 15, 2023 — Shure is increasing its focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) initiatives by announcing a new “STEM for STEM” program. 

This program will provide donations to various global STEM-based organizations (or STEAM-based organizations) based on each Stem Ecosystem product sold by Shure.

“When customers outfit or upgrade their meeting rooms with Stem Ecosystem products, they are automatically supporting the next generation of tech pros,” said Jim Schanz, VP Global Integrated Systems Sales, Shure.

Shure has been supporting various STEM-focused organizations for years and is expanding to reach even more organizations and young adults worldwide, especially those working to provide more diversity in this area. As part of Women’s History Month and Gender Equity Month, Shure is proud to announce this program to support STEM organizations who make diversity a priority.

Shure, which has been led by a woman since 1995, is one of the few technology companies who has had a woman in the leadership position for this many consecutive years. 

The Company would not be a global leader in audio technology today without the efforts of its former Chair, Rose L. Shure. For more than 60 years, Mrs. Shure has served as an inspiration to all Shure Associates, past and present. She was a role model for Shure’s Core Values and basic principles, created by her husband and Company founder, Sidney N. Shure, that have guided the Company.

President and CEO Chris Schyvinck began her career at Shure more than 30 years ago as a quality control engineer – one of the few engineers at the time in the industry – before becoming President and CEO in 2016 after Mrs. Shure passed away.

“Providing resources for young adults, especially young women and people of color, to learn more about science and technology is a passion for me,” said Schyvinck. “So many STEM organizations are doing a great job of inspiring and developing our next generation of leaders and we are proud to support this important cause.”