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Specially Crafted Bundles From Shure Provide Cost-Effective, Quality Audio Kits For A Variety Of Audiences

September, 05 2019 |

CHICAGO, September 5, 2019—For aspiring musicians and content creators, audio products are an important investment—one that shouldn’t break the bank. To make it easier for shoppers, and their wallets, Shure is offering exclusive bundles featuring mainstay products and accessories to support the pursuit of music, information, and entertainment. New product kits are tailored to provide users with the tools they need to sound extraordinary while recording in the field or performing on stage. 

“Since Shure’s beginning, developing AM radio kits in 1925, the Company has been committed to providing innovative products and solutions to a wide variety of audiences,” said Eduardo Valdes, Senior Director of Musician and Consumer Audio at Shure. “That is why we are offering several thoughtfully curated product bundles, complete with the most common accessories to help customers get started. Not only are they convenient, but cost effective, saving money versus buying separately.”

Unlike some kits where products can go unused, Shure gathered valuable feedback from customers and sales data to provide practical and reliable product bundles. These kits are the perfect option for anyone looking to give meaningful gifts to the audio enthusiast in their life.

For Budding Content Creators / Mobile Journalists

  1. The Portable Videography Kitis the ideal professional recording rig. This bundle includes Shure’s MV88+ Video Kit, SE215 earphones to take care of monitoring needs, and an AMV88-FUR Windjammer to reduce unwanted wind noise when recording outdoors.
  2. The Shure Mobile Recording Kitenables users to record and monitor professional quality content at any location. By connecting the featured MV5 microphone directly to a computer or mobile phone and plugging in the SRH240A headphones to the microphone, users can experience real-time recording and monitoring.
  3. The Shure Digital Recording Kit is perfectly made for recording and monitoring directly with computers and mobile phones. Users can simply connect the Shure PGA58 Dynamic Vocal Mic with the included XLR cable and the MVi Digital Audio Interface to the device and use the included SRH240A professional quality headphones for monitoring.

For The Aspiring Musician

  1. The Shure Stage Performance Kit combines the legendary Shure SM58® vocal microphone with an XLR cable and robust Pro-R-T mic stand from Ultimate Support.
  2. The BLX288/SM58 Wireless Dual Vocal System combines simple wireless setup, professional-grade performance, and two SM58 industry-standard vocal microphones to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction.
  3. The PSM® 300 Twin Pack is the ideal monitoring solution for up to two performers, providing a convenient multi-bodypack system-in-a-box with Sound Isolating™ earphones for clear, precise stereo mixes on stage.
  4. The PSM® 300 Twin Pack Pro is the ideal monitoring solution for up to two performers and provides a convenient, durable metal construction multi-bodypack system-in-a-box (optional for use with SB900A rechargeable battery) with Sound Isolating™ earphones designed for clear, precise stereo mixes on stage.

For Schools, Houses of Worship, and Small Businesses Looking for a Quality Audio Solution at a Fair Price

Finding a quality “standalone” audio solution at a fair price to provide great sound for assemblies, presentations, performances, business luncheons, and other events can be difficult, especially for buyers who are not experienced enough to know what and how to make a purchase of audio equipment. Shure has provided solutions to make it easier for these customers to find products they need in one package. 

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