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Shure Releases New Recommendations For Cleaning Its Audio Products

Users Will Be Able to Access Step-by-Step Content and Videos Detailing How to Clean Shure Products
April, 06 2021 |
Cleaning microphone

CHICAGO, April 6, 2021–Shure has released a new series of recommendations on its website to help users clean their Shure audio equipment. Developed through in-depth testing, the guidelines are designed to provide best practices that will help protect Shure products’ material, finish, and hardware – even after repeated, long-term cleaning routines.

"Shure has been dedicated to exceptional quality for more than 95 years – as part of this commitment, we want to help our customers care for the entire lifespan of their product and ensure its longevity,” said Eduardo Vives, Senior Director of Corporate Quality Engineering at Shure. “Through extensive and repeated testing, we have developed some key guidelines to help users clean their Shure gear, while minimizing impact to technology and materials.”

Through step-by-step instructions and video content on, users will learn:

Though these recommendations will help users maintain best practices to clean their products, they are intended only as a general guide to cleaning methods: Shure cannot advise on which methods may be effective against the COVID-19 virus. Any such questions should be directed to appropriate disease control experts. 

In the coming months, Shure will continue to test new cleaning procedures and may expand its recommendations to include additional Shure products and product lines. To provide the best possible information, evaluation of these various cleaning methods will be ongoing. All updates will be added to