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Shure Previews Wireless Workbench® 6.12 System Control Software

April, 18 2016 |

Niles, Ill., April 18, 2016—Today at the 2016 NAB Show, Shure Incorporated is previewing the latest version of its Wireless Workbench® System Control Software—Version 6.12. The update is designed to put maximum power and flexibility into the user’s hands. The addition of several new features will help wireless users better manage and monitor wireless system performance over the network, from pre-show planning through post-performance analysis.

Shure has created a new logging utility designed to capture channel status information over time. Information recorded includes RF Level, Antenna Status, Audio Level, Interference, ShowLink, and Battery Level. With optimized data storage, the utility records data from all networked channels for an indefinite amount of time, given sufficient system resources. Capturing and viewing the recorded data enables users to troubleshoot wireless system operation and determine the source of issues, should any arise. Wireless Workbench provides ultimate control over the displayed information, enabling complete customization of the visualized data to best suit user needs.

Version 6.12 also includes a new set of frequency coordination enhancements, designed to provide more flexibility and power to users coordinating high-channel counts, including:

  • Scan Peak Management to process and classify peaks more accurately within scan data
  • Ignore IMDs to manually ignore the Intermod (or IMD) spacing parameters associated with a given set of frequencies, enabling increased counts of calculated frequencies
  • Customizable Coordination Order to adjust the order in which frequencies are coordinated by dragging and dropping groups of frequencies in the Coordination Workspace.

Connecting to devices from a remote location will now be supported with version 6.12. With this update, Wireless Workbench 6 can connect to devices outside of a local network. Ideal for environments where devices are managed in separate subnets—separate VLANs, floors of an office building, venues in a park—the feature extends monitoring and control functionality beyond the local network for significantly increased flexibility and control.

“At its core, the enhanced features in Wireless Workbench 6.12 are dedicated to putting increased flexibility and added control into the hands of users who need it most,” said Sam Drazin, Associate Product Manager at Shure. “By adding the data logging utility, frequency coordination enhancements, and control of remote devices across subnets, we’re addressing the complex challenges that come with enterprise-level networks and high-tier frequency solutions.”

Wireless Workbench Version 6.12 will be available for download this summer at For more details on the latest version of the software, visit the Shure booth (#C2635) at NAB 2016, or go to