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Shure Launches SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software

November, 15 2016 |

Niles, Ill., November 15, 2016—Today, Shure Incorporated unveiled its SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software, a solution designed to complement the Company’s existing wireless systems by providing management and control across enterprise-wide deployments. SystemOn provides centralized IT support and real-time troubleshooting for Shure Microflex® Wireless and ULXD ® Wireless systems and the SCM820 automatic mixer, with an efficient hardware status view from one central portal that identifies issues such as dead batteries and missing equipment and enables remote adjustment of channel level, mute status, and other parameters. For IT administrators and AV technicians responsible for large-scale and mission critical corporate and higher-education installations, the SystemOn framework provides enhanced convenience and ease-of-use.

In the modern business environment, constant connectivity is an absolute must. However, technical issues with AV equipment can often waste meeting participants’ time and require tech support, which can be more difficult and time-consuming at larger facilities like corporate and university campuses where resources are already spread thin. To make matters worse, the cause may turn out to be as simple as a dead battery.

The SystemOn solution is capable of remotely monitoring battery life, audio levels, and RF/spectrum status for various Shure hardware devices, enabling AV/IT technicians to control these devices from a central location. Users can be confident that potential problems will be detected before they become critical. Additionally, the link between Shure software and hardware provides greater convenience for technicians, serving as a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that does not require complicated programming like third-party control systems.

“The SystemOn solution will be most beneficial for AV/IT professionals tasked with managing mission critical facilities,” said Chad Wiggins, Senior Director of Networked Systems at Shure. “SystemOn software tells technicians information in real-time, before issues arise. SystemOn helps these technicians manage large deployments of Shure audio systems more efficiently, which increases uptime and maximizes the value of their investment in AV equipment.”

SystemOn software is sold through a subscription license that covers a defined time period, ranging from one to five years. Each network-connected device—such as an MXW APT access point and NCS charger, ULX-D receiver, or SCM820 automatic mixer—requires one license. The software will be available for purchase through any authorized Shure system integrator or distribution center.

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