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Shure Introduces New Designer System Configuration Software for Microflex® Advance™

June, 14 2017 |

NILES, IL., June 14, 2017—Today at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, Shure debuted its Designer System Configuration Software. This desktop application for integrators and system designers was developed to make it easier to visualize and implement installations using multiple MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones. The software enables users to create system configurations without being connected to the MXA910, and then import the desired coverage settings to the hardware onsite. This capability lets integrators more accurately predict the number of MXA910s necessary to cover a given meeting space and better arrange lobes to ensure maximum coverage for enhanced clarity and intelligibility.

“Customer adoption of the MXA910 has been rapid, and many installations require multiple MXA910s in one room and often many rooms. The challenge integrators and system designers face is to properly visualize how multiple MXA910s should be placed in various meeting environments,” said Chad Wiggins, Senior Director of Networked Systems at Shure. “Shure recognized integrators needed a problem-solving tool to aid them as they design complex MXA910 installations. The new Designer Software gives integrators the ability to effectively and easily deploy greater numbers of MXA910s to bigger sites, saving time, money, and resulting in a better-functioning system.”

The Designer Software provides a convenient way to organize MXA installations for multiple clients, buildings, and rooms. Importantly, the software enables integrators to design systems offline, reducing configuration time onsite and letting integrators work more efficiently with customers. This software empowers designers to arrange multiple virtual MXA910s on top of an imported image, such as a room layout diagram. From here, the pickup lobes and other MXA910 settings can be configured and saved on the user’s computer, without being connected to any MXA910 hardware. Completed, these settings can be exported as device preset files, which are then imported into each MXA910 onsite. The Designer Software also offers system designers the ability to share project files with colleagues, so multiple points of input can be considered before final project considerations are made.

The Designer Software will be available for download in August 2017. It will be free to download and is available for any computer running Windows 7 and above. 

For complete details on Designer Software, visit the Shure booth (5845) at InfoComm 2017 or go to