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Shure Equips Virtual Stage at GTA5 Roleplay's Activation in Germany

Shure MV7 Microphones Were Also Hidden in The Existing World To Be Found By Well-known German Twitch Streamers After The Virtual New Year’s Eve Celebration
January, 13 2022 |

BERLIN, Jan. 13, 2022—GTA Roleplay celebrated a New Year’s Eve online event in which Shure equipped a virtual stage with Shure’s legendary SM58 and SM7B microphones as well as several brand banners. One hour before entering the new year, a Shure innovative video was also displayed on the main screen counting down to 2022. The online stage was designed in cooperation with the operators of one of the largest GTA online role play game servers, Beyond Management (Immortal Roleplay). 

“Some of the best streamers and gamers in the world already use our gear, so we are thrilled to interact even closer in the gaming field through this unique and innovative activation,” said Christian Husingen, Associate Director, Consumer Audio Sales, for Western Europe at Shure. “Being able to be part of an online gaming experience enables us to better understand the fast-evolving virtual universe and its needs, and therefore to ensure that gamers and streamers find even more ways to closely interact with our brand.” 

GTA Roleplay is a modification of the legendary GTA game franchise. It can be played in the GTA online mode, where users can design a character who lives in the virtual world. Players can access it through a modified game client (such as FiveM, LuckyV, or Grant Theft Multiplayer), and the servers are operated by independent networks that can modify the in-game content. The game is played by professional gamers, streamers, and enthusiastic game players who invest a lot of time and effort in developing their character. To play on the Immortal Roleplay server, users must go through an application process. 

Shure's Virtual Stage at Dice Park (Legion Square) During the Building

For this New Year’s Eve special online event, Shure partnered with Beyond Management’s team of developers and created a unique virtual stage that was built at “Dice Park” (Legion Square) over a period of seven days before the celebration, revealing one Shure banner every day. When it was ready, a helicopter transported it to Vespucci Beach, the famous online location where the event was taking place. The final stage, including all Shure placements, revealed a 30 percent discount code for streaming and gaming gear offered in the Shure online shop. 

After the event, when the virtual stage was “dismantled,” several MV7 microphones “fell off the truck” and were “accidentally” dropped across the game’s map, ready to be found by German gamers. Players have until the end of January to find the lost Shure microphones for a chance to win a real Shure MV7, one of the most sought-after gaming and streaming microphones on the market.

“Advertisement campaigns in the digital world are almost limitless, and we are excited about this cooperation with Shure,” said Simon Pohl, Founder of Beyond Management. “A combination of an in-game advertising campaign with social media placements made interacting with gamers and streaming viewers in real time, a unique experience. The final element, the scavenger hunt, is also having impressive success, so we are happy to see how good this modern campaign has been accepted,” added Simon.

This is the first time Shure has actively participated in a GTA5 in-game campaign and interacted with gamers and streamers in the virtual world, taking an important step forward and underscoring the Company’s support of developers, gamers, and streamers who are pushing the industry forward. For this innovative activation, Shure also collaborated with SpartaTheOriginal, one of the biggest streamers on the server, boosting awareness for the initiative and supporting the in-game activation. 

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