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Shure Enhances SystemOn™ Audio Asset Management Software With New Features

October, 16 2017 |

Niles, IL., Oct. 16, 2017—Today, Shure announced enhancements to its SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software. SystemOn enables users to monitor Shure devices without requiring constant attention and proactively alerts users through SMS and email when action is required. For AV and IT staff responsible for large-scale installations, SystemOn combats daily microphone issues such as battery life and missing devices. The SystemOn framework is designed to complement existing Shure wireless systems by providing management and control across enterprise-wide deployments.

New enhancements for Shure Microflex® Wireless include remote microphone transmitter linking that enables users to automatically link a mic to an access point in a room from a remote location, such as a Help Desk. New “pair-a-spare” capabilities for Microflex Wireless lets users create a back-up mic or a second form factor to be paired to one MXWAPT channel. This helps to limit meeting interruptions and lets users swap in new microphones more quickly and easier than before.

New features for Microflex Wireless, ULXD® Digital Wireless, and the SCM820 automatic mixer include a comprehensive inventory dashboard that displays all devices in one simplified homepage, and provides an all-inclusive hardware status view. SystemOn enables users to control these devices from a central location, and provide SMS and e-mail notifications for a 360-degree view of a room’s system, capabilities, and acute needs. SystemOn remotely monitors battery life, product inventory, audio levels, and RF spectrum status for different Shure hardware devices. In a world where constant connectivity is necessary and seamless performance is expected, SystemOn provides users with more control and eliminates potential issues ahead of time.

“The enhanced capabilities of SystemOn provide even more support and control for users tasked with managing multiple installations,” said Chad Wiggins, Senior Director of Networked Systems at Shure. “From remote mic linking to a centralized, completely comprehensive inventory dashboard, SystemOn offers updates and information in real-time—before issues arise—so that facility needs can be addressed as proactively as possible. The new features provide an even greater level of control and flexibility, ensuring users can successfully manage even the largest system deployments.”

SystemOn software is sold through a subscription license that covers a defined time period, ranging from one to five years. Each network-connected device requires one license. The software is available for purchase through any authorized Shure system integrator or distribution center.

SystemOn currently supports Microflex Wireless, ULX-D Digital Wireless (handheld and bodypack transmitters), and SCM820. For more information on Shure and the SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software, please visit