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Shure Enhances Conferencing Range With Flexible Interpretation Console and Name Sign

February, 07 2017 |

EPPINGEN, GERMANY, February 7, 2017—Shure Incorporated has added a new ISO 20109-compliant Interpretation Console and Electronic Name Sign to its line of conferencing products for use with the DCS6000 Digital Conference System. The Interpretation Console is designed to give conference interpreters greater control and flexibility, while the Name Sign provides a programmable electronic sign that makes it easy to identify conference participants.

The Interpretation Console features an efficient control layout with a large color information screen, three outgoing language channels, and eight relay buttons. Controls are logically placed and easy to locate by touch, and Braille labels and audible cues are included for visually-impaired users. The screen can be configured to show language channels or information about the speaker or agenda, and preferred configuration settings can be saved to a USB drive or NFC card and then recalled later to instantly configure another console with the same settings. The unit is fully compliant with ISO 20109 requirements for simultaneous interpretation equipment.

The Electronic Name Sign uses a crisp, four-bit grayscale e-ink screen to display easily readable names, titles, or other text or images. For added flexibility, each side of the display can show different text. The unit can be permanently installed or placed on a table for temporary events. When used with the DCS 6000 Digital Conference System and SW6000 software, the screen content can be automatically updated through the DCS-LAN connection to identify the participant that has logged in at that seat. The Name Sign can be used with SW6000 software, stand-alone with the DIS-CCU Central Control Unit and its browser control interface, or completely stand-alone with other Shure microphone solutions such as Microflex wired or wireless systems. When used as a stand-alone unit, it can be programmed from a laptop via a USB port.

“International conferences can be stressful for interpreters and staff due to the complexity of equipment and intricate meeting protocols,” said Bill Oakley, Senior Global Product Manager at Shure. “The new Interpretation Console makes it easier for interpreters to manage language channels and keep track of conference information, while the Name Sign provides an efficient means of identifying conference participants that can be updated quickly as attendance or seating arrangements change.”

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