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Shure Collaborates with the Music Resource Center to Foster Musical Development Among Youth

September, 25 2018 |

NILES, IL., September 25, 2018Shure has partnered with the Music Resource Center (MRC), a Charlottesville-based, non-profit teen center, to provide the facility with its MOTIV™ microphones for local, underserved youths interested in the performing arts. Founded in 1995, the MRC has locations in Charlottesville, VA and Cincinnati, OH that aim to inspire teenagers in a culturally diverse and musically focused setting to elevate lifetime and academic achievement. Together with Crutchfield, Shure donated product from its line of MOTIV microphones—iOS and USB recording solutions designed for high-quality and portable recording—to help students capture and craft their musical endeavors.

Teens affiliated with the Charlottesville center recorded three songs with MOTIV, and subsequently captured their experiences with the MV5 Condenser Microphone for iOS & USB, MV51 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone for iOS & USB, and MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone in the “Young Creators Empowered by MOTIV Digital Microphones” video. The video was filmed by former MRC student, Zach Phillips, and showcases how students were able to leverage the MV51, specifically, for studio-quality audio recording of their respective tracks. Three of the tracks are now available to stream on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. 

“Being able to give our members a true studio environment to collaborate and develop their musical skills is invaluable for their artistic and personal growth,” said Lucas Brown, Program Director at MRC. “Musical expression is empowering for individuals at MRC, and we’re able to teach them valuable life lessons that extend beyond the studio under the unifying umbrella of the universal language of music. Shure’s generous donation has already helped several of our young members create and record their own songs that are currently available online. These microphones have demonstrated their importance in the life of the young, up-and-coming artist, and it was a ‘full-circle’ experience having former MRC student Zach Phillips capture their experiences in his short film.”

Designed to support digital-recording users seeking better audio quality, Shure’s MOTIV line of digital microphones and recording products feature three condenser microphones and a sleek digital audio interface that can connect directly to any iOS device without additional adapters or connection kits. Additionally, the ShurePlus™ MOTIV mobile recording app provides uncompressed recording, editing, monitoring and control of the MOTIV digital microphones and recording solutions. The products are engineered for individuals looking to capture high-quality audio for vocal/acoustic recording, podcasts, YouTube videos, and field recording.

“Seeing the teens at MRC enjoy the MOTIV microphones and create their own original content is really inspiring,” said Laura Clapp Davidson, Eastern Retail Market Development Specialist at Shure. “Anyone can be a content creator with a few pieces of equipment, and connecting with students during the formative age of their musical interests will hopefully inspire them to continue to pursue their dreams. It has been amazing to see what the students have been able to do, and we hope it can spark confidence and creativity for other aspiring artists.”

To learn more about the Music Resource Center, please visit To listen to the MRC students’ MOTIV recordings, visit Sam Robertson, Nahlij Corbin, and Sarah Gross. To watch the “Young Creators Empowered by MOTIV Digital Microphones” video, please visit

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