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Shure Collaborates with Barco to Improve Wireless Videoconferencing Experience

May, 04 2021 |

CHICAGO, May 4, 2021—With the popularity of BYOD – or “Bring Your Own Devices” – to virtual and hybrid meetings, the ability to provide flawless meeting audio is more important than before. 

Shure and Barco are working together to help ensure customers achieve a revolutionary workplace experience. The Shure Audio Ecosystem now pairs seamlessly with Barco ClickShare Conference, allowing customers to combine high-quality audio for remote communication with easy-to-use wireless in any meeting space. ​

Benefits​ include:

  • Ready for any collaboration platform from your device ​
  • The power of Steerable Coverage™ technology and cutting-edge industrial design​
  • High-quality audio and innovative wireless conferencing solutions ​
  • Secure audio that prevents eavesdropping with Shure Audio Encryption ​
  • Flexible options for all meeting room sizes​
  • Shure IntelliMix® DSP delivering echo- and noise-free and intelligent mixing keeping the agenda on track
  • One-click wireless conferencing

“Customers can rely on powerful and certified solutions with Shure networked audio solutions and our ClickShare Conference products,” said David Fitzgerald, Vice President, Global Alliances at Barco. “This offers customers an engaging videoconferencing experience with high quality audio and easy, seamless wireless conferencing. Hybrid collaboration has never been easier and is just one click away.” 

Based on Barco ClickShare’s Hybrid Working Research Study, workers predict a rise in hybrid meetings (meetings featuring both in-person and remote attendees) in the next 12 months. More than half of employees surveyed prefer to host video calls from their laptop, compared to an in-room system (19%) or their smartphone (18%).

And based on Shure’s recent State of Meetings Report, 96 percent of professionals are frustrated with their virtual meetings, with 4 out of the top 5 frustrations related to audio.

Shure’s DSP IntelliMix P300 and ANIUSB-MATRIX are also certified for ClickShare Conference. Flexible signal routing allows for seamless connectivity between rooms, laptops and even mobile devices. Combined with Microflex® Advance or Microflex Wireless microphones, the clear sound reproduction and intelligent mixing keeps the agenda on track with clear communication.​

When combined with ClickShare Conference, users can enable a truly flexible and easy way of working. The ClickShare technology responds to the increasing need for BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) in the workplace. With BYOM, users can walk into any meeting room, plug in the ClickShare Conferencing Button and easily host a video conference from their own device. Within seconds, they share their apps wirelessly to the room display and benefit from the AV setup of the room while using preferred conferencing solutions.​ Audio quality becomes an asset when using Shure’s Microflex array microphones. 

“Built for the hybrid workplace, your customers, clients, and students will feel like they’re in the room with you when you use Shure’s market-leading wireless and array microphones with Barco's ClickShare Conference system,” said Paul Gunia, Director of Technology Partnerships at Shure.

Shure and ClickShare work seamlessly with leading third-party video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and many others. Equipping workspaces for wireless conferencing with Shure networked audio and Barco ClickShare Conference takes full advantage of the best BYOD and BYOM support.​