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Shure Celebrates International Women's Day

Women Have Served In The Company Chair Role for the Past 27 Years
March, 08 2022 |
Picture of Rose L. Shure

CHICAGO, March 8, 2022—Shure is recognizing International Women’s Day as a celebration of women with a look at visionary women who have contributed to the success of the audio industry as well as helping to support the next generation of women leaders.

The Company would not be a global leader in audio technology today without the efforts of its former Chairman, Rose L. Shure. For more than 60 years, Mrs. Shure has served as an inspiration to all Shure Associates, past and present. She was a role model for Shure’s Core Values and basic principles, created by her husband and Company founder, Sidney N. Shure, that have guided the Company.

The welfare of Shure and its Associates was her highest priority. She provided a work environment that inspired creativity, fostered pride in making products of the highest quality, and encouraged all Shure Associates to reach their personal potential. She emphasized business integrity, respect, and fair treatment for all. She was committed to giving back to the community, supporting causes locally and around the world.

Mrs. Shure started at Shure in 1949 and assumed ownership of the Company after Mr. Shure died in 1995. With her great understanding of the products and the business, she was able to not only continue the path Mr. Shure started, but expanded and developed the Company into a new era of technology. Under her direction, Shure expanded its product line to include wireless systems and personal monitoring. She remained as the Company’s Chair until her passing in 2016.

Strong leadership at Shure continues with another inspirational woman, Chairman, President, and CEO Chris Schyvinck. She began at Shure almost 33 years ago as a quality control engineer and worked her way up through the Company to become Chairman and CEO in 2016. Under her leadership, the Company has grown exponentially, expanding to more than 40 facilities worldwide and increasing its market presence in software, conferencing systems, and consumer audio.

For more than a quarter of a century and counting, a woman has held the Chair position at Shure.

“I’m not sure you’ll find many companies – especially in the technology sector – that have had women in this role for 27 consecutive years,” said Schyvinck. “Our Company represents dedicated women and men all over the world who work together to keep everyone connected with news, education, entertainment, business, sports, arts, houses of worship, and more. It’s an honor to continue the legacy of Mrs. Shure in leading such a forward-thinking organization.”

In addition to all of the women worldwide who contribute to the success of the Company, Shure is also proud to work with many women in various roles throughout the industry – executives, performers, engineers, clergy, podcasters, administrators, educators, and others. 

The Company is a proud supporter of global industry initiatives such as the AVIXA Women’s Council and is also committed to helping engage the next generation of women leaders by supporting organizations such as:

Volver a Soñar

Volver a Soñar aims to use music to improve the quality of life for people by promoting culture, education, and technology. Their program, Ella Suena, is an international movement where we seek to give visibility to women in music and encourage gender equality in a peaceful way. Shure supports the Ella Suena program with both financial contributions and gear donations. 

Check out this video from one of the many Ella Suena initiatives, featuring 13 female drummers of all ages, playing along to Adele's Rolling in the Deep. 

Tech Girlz

STEM learning is a great way to get more young girls involved in technology. Shure has begun a partnership with TechGirlz to provide products and content to help young girls learn more about the industry, getting them interested and educated to become future leaders.

Lola Mercedes Parker Foundation

The Lola Mercedes Parker Foundation for the Economic Empowerment of Business and Professional Women (LMPF) is committed to the professional development of youth and women within our communities. It is invested in overcoming the societal and cultural barriers, to success, that they face and to successful recognition of their potential.

The Art Of…

"The Art Of..." is a livestream show from Linda Perry that is streamed on American Songwriter's Twitch channel, which features in-depth conversations and exclusive performances from some of the greatest music-makers on the planet. In the December episode, The Art Of Giving Back, six girls with musical aspirations joined Linda and Inherit The Music co-founder Alisha Ballard for a workshop and learning session to inspire the next generation. Shure donated MV7 Microphones and SRH440 Headphones to help the young ladies' musical endeavors.