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Shure Announces Tech Talk Series For Houses Of Worship

November, 24 2020 |

CHICAGO, November 24, 2020 — With attendance capacity limited at many houses of worship due to the pandemic, many have turned to livestreaming services so people can watch from home. 

Shure recognizes that many facilities may have questions or need additional guidance for setting up quality audio, so it has announced a Tech Talk Series aimed specifically for houses of worship every second and fourth Tuesday at noon CT.

The Tech Talk Series is an interactive conversation focused on the audio challenges of worship teams and tech crews. Topics include:

  • Mixing for livestream
  • Mixing monitors
  • Mic placement
  • Mic cleaning
  • Budget management
  • Wireless best practices

There is also ample time for attendee Q&A.

The sessions are free, but require registration here.

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Shure and Natalie Grant Partner to Bring Immersive Sound to Houses of Worship

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