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Shure And Mixcloud Announce: Shure24 The Definitive List Of Creators Pushing Audio Culture Forward

October, 22 2019 |

LONDON, Oct. 22, 2019Shure, the world’s leading audio equipment manufacturer, and Mixcloud, the streaming platform cultivating a global community for audio culture, today announce the inaugural Shure24, a definitive list of creators pushing the limits of contemporary audio culture. 


Four global leaders in audio handpicked the inaugural Shure24 list. Each are creative leaders at the forefront of their fields, ready to shine a spotlight on the emerging 2020 landscape and the people at the leading edge of sound production, sound design, live recording, audio journalism, and more. These curators include: 

  • Holly Herndon, critically acclaimed Berlin-based electronic composer and musician who has released records on RVNG Intl. and 4AD as well as holding a Ph.D. from Stanford’s Center for Computer Research (Instagram @holly_herndon | Twitter @hollyherndon)
  • James Lavelle, UK-based trip-hop and streetwear icon and founder of the Mo’ Wax label 
    (Instagram @unkleofficial)
  • Santigold, hailing from Philadelphia via NYC, is the mixtape innovator who pulled down pop’s genre boundaries (Instagram @Santigold|Twitter @Santigold)
  • Yuri Suzuki, Japanese sound artist and designer, explores audio’s psychological effects with his installations and inventions (his OTOTO instrument was recently acquired for MOMA’s permanent collection) (Instagram @yurisuzukilondon | Twitter @yurisuzuki)

“We created Shure24 not only to celebrate these individuals and their own accomplishments but to provide a platform that also serves as a global support network for the next generation of audio pioneers,” said Paul Crognale, Senior Manager of Musician and Consumer Audio Marketing at Shure. “As a company of engineers, performers, artists, and fans, we understand the importance of a solid support system who can help aspiring creators achieve their goals.”

All 24 nominees are eligible for the Audience Choice Awards. Starting today, the public is encouraged to support and vote for their fan favorite. The top four individuals with the most votes will receive a mentoring session with one of the curators and the opportunity to create a podcast detailing their personal story. Podcasts will be available on Mixcloud and

“Shure24 is such a cool project in that it offers a much-needed platform to shine some light on new and up-and-coming artists, which is important nowadays because the market is so flooded with constant releases by endless artists,” commented Santigold. “As an artist, I know how great it feels to know that other artists appreciate your work and what powerful encouragement that can be.”

Internet distribution and audio technology advances have liberated creativity in the sound-based arts like never before. From the invention of the podcast in the 2000s to the independent online radio station boom of the last decade, this technological big bang has freed sound creation and distribution, enriching lives with new sound experiences. There’s never been a better time to celebrate the emerging and disruptive creators who are shaping the sonic cultural landscape.

“There’s never before been a definitive platform that celebrates and cultivates creators from across the audio world. We at Mixcloud exist to amplify culture and communities globally. The time is ripe for us to be joining forces with Shure to launch this new platform for the next generation of creators,” said Kazim Rashid, Creative Director at Mixcloud.

As an added appreciation, each artist listed in the Shure24 will receive a tailored package of cutting-edge Shure gear designed to empower and inspire future creative projects.

“It's been great to have the privilege of a front row seat to hear from industry-leading artists and curators about a generation of creatives who inspire them via the Shure24 list. It's one of the things that excites music journalists the most, I think, being given an opportunity to feel hopeful about new talent and creative communities who push culture forward,” said Kieran Yates, journalist and documentary maker, who will be the hosting voice of the Shure24 campaign (Instagram @kierany8s).

For more information, visit #Shure24