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Shure Adds New Portable Conference Units For Microflex® Complete (MXC) Digital Conference System

MXC605 Portable Conference Unit with Built-In Loudspeaker and Channel Selection Now Available
October, 05 2020 |
10.5.2020_MXC605 Press Release

CHICAGO, Oct. 5, 2020 — In addition to the new MXC customization program announced on Aug. 6, Shure has extended the MXC Digital Conference System to include new delegate units for straightforward conference and discussion applications. Available globally now, the MXC605 portable conference units are ideal for local city councils, board meetings, and other structured events. These units have a simple feature set, interpretation capability, scalability up to 3,800 units, and compatibility with the full range of MXC components and software. 

Designed to keep meetings on course, the MXC Digital Conference System provides an efficient, effective experience for leaders and participants alike. Powerful functionality like agenda control, interpretation, and identity verification ensure every meeting is successfully managed. The MXC605 portable unit can operate in Chair, Delegate, Interpreter, or Ambient modes. With best-in-class audio, robust software, and seamless integration, end-users get a system to match nearly every situation, meeting format, or purpose.

“With more social distancing in play for governments across the globe, the addition of the MXC605 to our range means clients can still enjoy the same required features as their permanent in-chamber system,” said Antony Lovell, Senior Global Market Development Manager, Discussion and Conference, Shure. “They are quick to set up for those instances when a wireless system is not ideal. For governments who want to meet in-person, but maintain safer distances, this allows them to hold meetings in more spacious locations, such as gymnasiums, conference centers, hotel ballrooms, and other areas.”

Shure also offers additional overlay options, including:

  • MXC605-ACC-SPK+FUN: Speak and function button overlay for MXC605 with volume control and channel selector
  • MXC605-ACC-SPK: Speak button overlay for MXC605 with volume control and channel selector
  • MXC605-ACC-INT: Interpreter control overlay for MXC605 with speak and function buttons, volume control and channel selector for interpreter

Additional MXC605 variants for installed applications will be announced shortly.

The MXC605 is part of the complete MXC Digital Conference System, which offers several benefits, including:

  • Integrates anywhere -- With a variety of portable, flush-mounted, and modular conference units, installation is easy, no matter the location. 
  • Scalable solution – For the largest conferences with thousands of delegates to smaller configurations in boardrooms or council chambers, it provides sound quality and control for nearly every type of event. 
  • Capacity -- Designed for formal meetings with up to 3,800 participants.
  • Control -- Microphones can be controlled by users or by a designated chairperson. Allows voting, agenda, identity verification, speech time control, and more.
  • Global access -- Supports up to 31 interpretation channels for multi-lingual conferences.

More information about the MXC Digital Conference System is available at