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Press Release

Northwestern Sound Program Uses Shure Gear

January, 11 2017 |

Niles, Ill., January 11, 2017—Audio and video media are an increasingly vital way of communicating in business, science, education, and government. A new innovative degree program at the Northwestern University School of Communication uses Shure microphones to help students learn field recording techniques that can be applied in a variety of fields.

The MA in Sound Arts and Industries is a one-year Master’s program for media storytellers, artists, and others that emphasizes the application of sound in storytelling, whether for information or entertainment. Students build skills by producing podcasts, documentaries, audio essays, and film soundtracks.

Students are using Shure MV88 and VP88 stereo condenser microphones to capture field recordings, SM7B dynamic microphones to record voiceover narration, SM63LB handheld microphones for field interviews, and SRH440 studio headphones for monitoring. The production skills that they learn reinforce courses in the science of sound and hearing and how sound is used in the arts and culture.

“We are thrilled that our students have the opportunity to use Shure equipment in our program,” said Jacob Smith, Director of the MA in Sound Arts and Industries program. “Shure is a brand that is known and trusted to sound professionals for quality and durability, and our students are inspired by the history of the Shure Corporation as an international leader in audio.”

“The ability to use sound effectively to inform and persuade people has become an essential communications tool in our society,” said Michael Pettersen, Director of Corporate History at Shure. “We are pleased that Northwestern students in this innovative program are learning their craft using Shure microphones.”