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Lee University Turns Baptist Church Main Sanctuary into Performance Venue with Shure ULX-D® Digital Wireless

July, 08 2015 |

NILES, IL, July 8, 2015—A private university located in Cleveland, Tenn., Lee University is a leading institution of higher education recognized for its excellence in musical performance. Known for hosting choir performances and theater productions throughout the year, Lee University purchased an old Baptist Church near its campus to serve as an additional performance venue for students and the community. While updating technology and acoustics to suit a variety of live performances was a priority, it was extremely important that the University also maintain the authenticity and integrity of the church sanctuary.

“Musical performance and theater production are a big part of our identity at Lee University. The purchase and move to the nearby Baptist Church were a way for us to give our students and the community a richer musical experience,” said Josh York, director of facilities management at Lee University. “We needed audio gear that would update the room acoustics for live performances and concerts, but just as importantly, we needed to make sure the authenticity of the church remained.”

To kick off the project, York and his team at Lee University first extended the performance stage to fit a full orchestra and replaced traditional pews for theater seating. As this was completed, the team opted for and installed Shure ULX-D® Digital Wireless systems with a variety of Shure wired and wireless microphones. The selection of the significantly efficient ULX-D systems allows for 17 active transmitters in one 6MHz TV channel and ensures an impressively solid signal from anywhere on the stage.

“With high-performing 24-bit audio clarity, our selection of Shure’s ULX-D Digital Wireless technology was an easy decision,” York continued. “As we already use several Shure microphones, the system’s compatibility with this gear really complemented our decision.”

Offering a reliable and aesthetically pleasing wireless set-up, ULX-D is compatible with a number of Shure microphones. As Lee University operates with a variety of Shure microphones, including SM57, SM81, KSM32, BETA® 58A, and BETA® 91A, ULX-D’s microphone compatibility options proved extremely beneficial for Lee University and its performers. Now referred to as Pangle Hall, the performance venue leverages a variety of gear continually used by performers in the space. Thus, the rugged metal housing on transmitters and receivers helps ensure product longevity.  

The ULX-D can enable up to 47 active transmitters in one 6 MHz channel, with no audio quality degradation. The system is ideal for delivering consistent sound quality everywhere, regardless of its size or acoustic conditions.

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