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Allen & Heath Avantis Integrates Shure Wireless Control

February, 28 2022 |
Allen & Heath Avantis Integrates Shure Wireless Control

CHICAGO, February 28th, 2022—Allen & Heath and Shure have deepened their integration to enable native monitoring and control of Shure’s ULX-D®, QLX-D™ and Axient Digital™ wireless systems from Allen & Heath’s Avantis digital mixer.

With the release of Avantis V1.13 firmware, engineers can monitor and control supported Shure wireless systems from the mixer, or from the new Avantis Director software. Avantis consoles auto-detect any supported Shure wireless systems on the same network and, with compatible hardware, Dante can be used for the transport of both audio and control data.

“Avantis mixers are in use in many venues, houses of worship, and mid-sized productions where the luxury of a dedicated RF engineer simply isn’t viable” explains Jack Kenyon, Product Specialist at Allen & Heath. “Often, a single operator is responsible for live audio, streaming, perhaps video and lights. In these scenarios, the ability to have simple visibility and control of wireless channels from within the mixer interface can speed up the workflow, and give engineers peace of mind that ‘battery is good, RF is good’ without taking their eyes off the desk.”

Key wireless information - including mutes, signal level and battery bars - is displayed in the Bank view, allowing “at a glance” multi-channel monitoring. Selecting the Preamp tab on a wireless channel reveals more detailed information, including RF frequency, device name and peak indicators. Receiver gain and mutes can also be controlled directly from the console, or from the Avantis Director software.

“Shure endeavors to provide audio system operators with confidence and efficiency,” said Corey Peoples, Shure’s Senior Software Product Manager. “Our continued collaboration with Allen & Heath now simplifies and centralizes wireless system configuration when working directly from the Avantis console and the Avantis Director software.”

Avantis V1.13 firmware, featuring Shure wireless integration, is available now from the Allen & Heath website.