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ULXD-GV Wireless System With Always-On Encryption Provides Enhanced Security for Government, Military, and Corporate Users

The ULXD-GV digital wireless system with always-on AES-256 encryption provides enhanced audio security for meetings -- ideal for security-conscious users.
January, 24 2022 |
ULXD8 desktop gooseneck transmitter


Wireless microphones are a staple for presentations, seminars, and training sessions in all kinds of settings.  Government agencies, military facilities, and corporate users, however, have high standards for confidential communication, and are especially concerned about the security of wireless audio.

The ULXD-GV system includes encryption that is always on and cannot be disabled

The Shure ULXD-GV digital wireless system provides enhanced audio security for meetings and conferences with always-on AES-256 encryption.  While all ULX-D systems allow encryption to be selected by the installer or user, the ULXD-GV system includes encryption that is always on and cannot be disabled, either inadvertently or deliberately. 

ULXD transmitters in charging station

The ULX-D-GV wireless system is the ideal choice for security-conscious users for whom confidential wireless audio is critical.  It combines several features that deliver exceptional performance:

  • Enhanced Security – The AES-256 encryption specification is widely recognized by global security agencies, and was established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology in 2001.  It utilizes a randomized encryption key that is not transmitted via RF.      With encryption, audio can only be exchanged between the paired transmitter and receiver; even an identical ULXD receiver tuned to the same frequency cannot receive audio.
  • Extensive Hardware Options – The ULXD wireless system includes boundary, gooseneck, handheld, and bodypack transmitters, accommodating the full range of situations requiring tabletop, handheld, lavalier, or headworn microphones.  Rack-mount dual and quad-channel receivers include both analog outputs and DanteTM digital audio network connections for complete signal routing flexibility.
  • Convenient Rechargeability – The ULXD system features optional charging stations that enable convenient drop-in recharging, so transmitters are always ready when needed.  The charge status of transmitters can also be monitored remotely by a technician.  Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries last for thousands of cycles, providing a greener alternative to disposable alkaline AA batteries.

With always-on encryption, the ULXD-GV wireless microphone system meets the challenge of delivering robust wireless performance with the enhanced security that government, military, and corporate users demand.  The ULXD4-GV single-channel, ULXD4D-GV dual-channel, and ULXD4Q-GV quad-channel receivers are compatible with all ULXD-series transmitters.

NOTE:  ULXD-GV components are only available in the U.S.

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