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ShurePlus MOTIV Video: ‘Filming with Great Audio Was Never Easier’

The new ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ Video app makes recording high quality audio while filming with an iPhone easier than ever before. Product Manager Thomas Banks explains what all the fuss is about.
March, 22 2018 |

The new ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ Video app makes recording high-quality audio while filming with an iPhone easier than ever before. The iOS application offers integrated MOTIV microphone control and combines intuitive, centralized video functionality with superior sound.

Shure Product Manager Thomas Banks explains what all the fuss is about in a quick question and answer session.

What exactly is ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ Video?

It's a totally free app for iOS devices that gives users unparalleled control over their audio and video recording. It incorporates all of the features of our MOTIV audio app and combines it with professional-grade video functionality. You no longer have to switch between the app controlling your microphone and another video application. Everything is contained in one powerful and convenient package.

Who should use the new app?

Videographers, mobile journalists, musicians, vloggers – really anyone interested in having the best quality audio possible for whatever video content they might be recording with their iPhone. Filming with great audio was never easier. Plus - did I mention it's free?

What special features does it have?

Perhaps most importantly, it gives you completely uncompressed audio. Many people don't realize the standard video app on your iPhone is compressing – and compromising – your sound. But there are also plenty of nifty features that make recording a snap, like on-screen metering, adjustable mic gain and viewable audio waveforms. It's really, really intuitive to use. The app supports 16/44.1 kHz or 16/48 kHz bit depth/sample rates, as well as WAV, Apple Lossless, AAC at 96, 128 and 256 audio format options. It pretty much has everything covered.

How does the app work?

You simply download it to your iOS device, plug in your MOTIV mic and you're good to go. It works with any model including the iPhone 5S and later. The application has been designed to get the most out of the Shure MV88 Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone. DSP presets, polar patterns, stereo width, I could go on and on. Naturally, it also works with the entire MOTIV line of products, the MV5, MV51, MVi and MVL.

Shure MOTIV Family - MV5, MV51, MVi, and MV88

The app also has settings that allow you to access the limiter, compression, wind reduction, and five-band equalizer in MOTIV hardware.

What if I don't have a MOTIV microphone?

That's totally OK! MOTIV Video is a great standalone app giving you a choice of resolutions – 720p, 1080p and 4k. We're confident it will become the go-to video recording app for a lot of people after they've tried it out.

Any special tips or tricks you can tell us?

Personally, I always touch the screen where I want to focus and remain there until I see the "AF/AE Locked" indicator appear. Then I drag up or down to dial-in the exposure.

Where is the app available?

You can get it now in the Apple App Store.

Thomas Banks
Thomas is a product specialist for wired microphones at Shure. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a BA in Philosophy, he started with Shure in 2005. In his free time, Thomas can be found audio and video recording, photographing, morel hunting, and social media posting.

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