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MV88 versus MV88+ Video Kit: Pro Audio on the Go

The Shure MV88 Stereo Condenser Microphone makes it easy to record professional-quality audio on the go. And now there’s an ideal way to combine great sound and smartphone video with the MV88+ Video Kit.
January, 11 2019 |

The Shure MV88 Stereo Condenser Microphone makes it easy to record professional-quality audio on the go. And now there’s an ideal way to combine great sound and smartphone video with the MV88+ Video Kit.

The MV88+ comes with a compact Manfrotto PIXI tripod and a mount for both a smartphone and the microphone — everything you need for recording handheld and static video shots with professional audio. It’s bound to be popular with vloggers, musicians, reporters and documentary filmmakers, just to name a few content creators who cannot afford to skimp on sound.

Now, you’re likely wondering at this point what the main differences between the MV88 and MV88+ are. We’ll gladly break it all down for you right here. But if a bad case of TL;DR is rapidly wafting over you, simply scroll down for a quick comparison table.

Headphone Monitoring

One key aspect to consider is headphone monitoring. When the MV88 was designed, Apple had not yet removed the 3.5mm jack from the iPhone. In many cases – like recording your daughter’s violin performance or saving some vox pop for a podcast – this isn’t an issue. However, there are plenty of users wanting to monitor their recording in real-time and the MV88+, with its own dedicated headphone output, allows them to do just that.

Live Streaming

When the MV88 was first conceived in the Shure labs, there was also no such thing as the Periscope app or Facebook Live, so it will not work while live streaming video. Our new MV88+ has been designed with that added functionality in mind, so it will be the obvious choice if you are someone who does such content. Web TV on YouTube anyone?

Flexible Mounting

The original MV88 is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for various forms of video and audio capture. However, you can only connect the mic to your iPhone or iPad in one way – via the Lightning port. This occasionally poses an issue for some smartphone mounts for filming video. So we purposely designed the MV88+ to have the mounting flexibility to fit any rig. You can choose from five (and counting!) different setups.

In addition to the above options, let’s not forget you can also mount your MV88+ into one of your own tripods or stands, as long as it has a standard quarter-inch connector.

Battery Charging

Another great feature of the new MV88+ is that iOS users can charge their phones while recording with a USB3 camera adapter. That way you’ll never have to worry about battery life during a longer session. No more putting off filming your vlog when your iPhone runs out of juice!

Improved Audio

While the audio you can capture with the MV88 is still something to marvel about (just record a very loud concert and see what I mean), we’ve learned a few things over the last three years and have improved the performance of the MV88+. By and large, we’d describe the new mic’s sound as a bit more open and natural.


Of course, we know that not only iOS users appreciate great audio. Fortunately, the MV88+ also offers compatibility with a growing number of Android devices. I can tell you now that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 owners will be very happy.

Original Advantage

The MV88+ Video Kit is undoubtedly a powerful package for all sorts of content creators. But the original MV88 still has some real advantages that make it the better choice for many users.

First off, the MV88 currently costs around $100 less than the MV88+ model. So, if price is a concern and you don’t need the extra functionality of the kit, you might want to consider the MV88 instead. Also, if you’re more interested in sound applications than video, the original mic is likely all you’re going to need to capture profession-quality audio.

There is also no beating its set-up time – because there is none! Sometimes you want to record something instantly and any delay might mean you miss the moment. The MV88 can fit into your pocket and be ready to go in a matter of seconds. Or even keep your iPhone locked and loaded with the mic already in the Lightning port. If you know there will be occasions where being ready to record is a necessity, the original MV88 will not let you down. 

Head-to-Head ComparisonMV88+MV88
Live stream ready?yesno
Real-time headphone monitoring?yesno
Works with any case?yesno
Charge while using?yesno
Multiple mounting options?yesno
Monitoring via Bluetooth?noyes
Use with non-iOS devices?yes*no
Use with laptop?yesno

*please visit for details

What would Shure recommend?MV88+MV88
Small form factor important: X
Recording band practice/scratch tracks: X
Recording audio at a concert: X
Recording a live performance video:X 
Recording an audio interview: X
Multitrack recording in GarageBand:X 
Multipurpose usage (video/audio field recording, etc.)X 
Integration into an existing rig/tripod:X 


Soren Pedersen
Soren is a Product Specialist for wired microphones at Shure. He led development efforts on the MOTIV™ and PG ALTA product lines and is a Shure earphone enthusiast. He studied Audio Arts and Acoustics at Columbia College Chicago and has been recording music since the age of 15. Outside of Shure he plays drums and is an ambitious home cook.

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