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MOTIV Live: Smooth Sailing with Joel Havea

The singer-songwriter Joel Havea brings a bit of Australian sunshine to his adopted home Germany, so brighten up your day with the latest episode of the Shure audio series showcasing live recordings.
December, 05 2017 |

MOTIV Live is the Shure audio series getting you closer to the music.

We've partnered with FluxFM – Germany's leading independent radio station – to bring you exclusive live performances by both well-known and up-and-coming artists.

For this episode, we recorded a sunny set by Joel Havea at FluxBau, the station's intimate concert venue in Berlin. Havea and his bandmates play upbeat tunes likely to invite comparisons to Jack Johnson for his smooth voice, cheery disposition and affinity for water, but Havea prefers sailing themes to Johnson's love of surfing.

Listen to a few songs from the Joel Havea Trio below.

Songs: Haarlems Not Far Away (0:26), Little Longings (6:10), Another Day (11:40)

About Joel Havea


Joel Havea Performing at FluxBau

Hailing from Melbourne, the Australian singer-songwriter is now based in the northern German port city of Hamburg. After backpacking around Europe and busking for cash almost a decade ago, Havea eventually decided to put down roots and has since become a fixture on the club and festival circuit.

Despite moving to a place known for its gray skies and reserved residents, he makes upbeat and soulful pop songs. The good citizens of Hamburg certainly seem happy to have someone making cheerful music in their midst. Setting Sail, his latest album, even picks up on his adopted hometown's nautical theme.

This concert was recorded live using the MV88 iOS digital stereo condenser microphone and an iPhone SE with the ShurePlus MOTIV mobile recording app. We narrowed the mic's stereo angle to focus more on the stage and used the "Loud" setting. This applied both compression and limiter. But we didn't have to push up the gain very much, since Joel's band didn't overdo their onstage volume.


Marc Young
With a background in journalism, Marc is an editor for Shure covering anything and everything that has to do with sound. He tries to compensate for his mediocre guitar-playing skills with his writing. He is based in Portland, Oregon.