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Meet Tony Hodges, the UK's Leading Learner

The Shure Audio Institute offers recognized certification programs with a points and badge scoreboard for everyone that takes each course.
October, 22 2020 |
technician installing ceiling microphone

The award-winning Shure Audio Institute (SAI) has been delivering expert knowledge and advice for the past two years, with many of Shure’s customers benefiting from a selection of online and instructor-led courses and events during this period.

For System Integrators looking to progress their careers further, or add to their existing knowledge base, SAI offers recognized certification programs for new and existing customers, with a points and badge system in place that displays a scoreboard of everyone that undertakes each course.

Tony Hodges

In pole position within the UK on the SAI scoreboard is Tony Hodges, who has completed a whopping 65 courses and achieved Level 7 status. Shure took the opportunity to congratulate Tony, who is a senior events technician for a leading financial institution, and also asked him for his thoughts and experiences of SAI and the courses available.

“My day to day role requires me to look after the needs of senior management when it comes to AV for conferences, events and demonstrations. I also manage the AV needs of any external clients looking to utilize the space within our offices. 

“The training I undertook at SAI was extremely useful, in particular, the courses on the MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone and P300 DSP. These are installed in two of the large rooms I support and, now with the knowledge and certification, I can confidently manage a better setup in the rooms, and thus increase the audio quality received by the clients (both internal and external). With the backing of the incredible support people at Shure, this will be a lot easier to accomplish.

“The SAI platform was also really easy to use and I was able to navigate between courses without any issues at all, finding the ones that suited my needs and gave me valuable insight to the Shure products that I use throughout our AV space.

“When it comes to Shure products I’m actually very familiar with them – we have a presentation suite in the head office (where my son is working as an Events Technician) and they are kitted out with Shure. The technicians constantly rave about the quality of the microphones and charging stations, as well as the sound desk, which is always a good sign regarding efficiency and effectiveness of products within a particular system.

“There are many benefits to using Shure products and I would advise any system integrator or technician who might not be familiar with the current Shure portfolio to go to the Shure website and check them out. There are a multitude of training courses available which deliver expert knowledge and advice on each product, helping you get the absolute best possible sound from any system. 

“On completion of any course you’re officially accredited, which means you can then carry out any adjustments required with products such as the MXA910 Celling Array Microphones and manage firmware updates.”

About Shure Audio Institute

In a world of constantly evolving technology and innovative design, providing audio professionals with technical insight and training is critical for achieving personal and company-wide objectives and ultimately customer satisfaction. 

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Samantha Gibbs
Sam Gibbs has been at Shure since 2013. She began as Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of Shure UK, where she built her product and market knowledge as well as her passion for high-quality education and training delivery. Sam joined the Shure Audio Institute team in 2017 and is the Senior Specialist for Shure’s global online learning platform, as well as, representing training needs and supporting Shure’s businesses in Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia.