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Case Study

Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado, Boulder Installs MXA910 Ceiling Array

January, 14 2019 |

The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder is one of the nation’stop business schools for graduate and undergraduate learning according to US News & World Report rankings. With more than 3,300 enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, the business school decided it was time to update their learning environments to state-of-the- art AV technology to ensure future learning programs met the shifting needs of today’sstudent-base. To begin, The Leeds School of Business decided to update their flagship 175-student BASE classroom, one of the business school’s premier learning environments.

Spearheading the audio overhaul was Tom Klenow, classroom technology professional at

The Leeds School of Business, who turned to the Shure Microflex® AdvanceTM (MXA910) Ceiling Array to easily capture consistent and flawless audio from lecturers and students alike in the BASE classroom.

When approaching the install, The Leeds School of Business had multiple challenges tomeet, including the ability to efficiently capture audio despite the learning space’s unique layout and integrating with existing video technology. Additionally, with more and more students relying on remote learning, the ability to capture both the lecturer and the students is of paramount importance, given questions from students are often difficult to hear when just the lecturer is wearing a microphone. Leveraging Shure’s proprietary Steerable Coverage technology, enabling up to eight lobes that are configurable in three dimensions, the technicians at The Leeds School of Business had up to eight beams to capture participant audio from overhead.

In the past, The Leeds School of Business relied on a single microphone attached to the lecturer for audio capture, after installing four MXA910 units, lecturers can more easily teach given they no longer need to focus on AV before they begin. In addition, the business school wanted to match the learning environment’s sleek look and feel, rendering hangingmicrophones an inappropriate choice. Instead, the MXA910’s flush-mountable design proved to be the ideal design aesthetic. The Leeds School of Business will aim to continue updating other classrooms as well given the success of the MXA910 in the BASE classroom; ensuring future students have clear, crisp audio for all their remote-learning needs.

Customer Profile

University of Colorado, Boulder Leeds School of Business is located in BoulderColorado and is Colorado’s top-rated business school.


The school’s signature learning space,dubbed the BASE classroom, required microphone arrays to better capture classroom teachings for remote learning.


Tom Klenow, Classroom Technology Professional at the Leeds School of Business, turned to the Shure MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones to effectively capture audio from lecturers and students alike for advanced remote learning and lecture recording capabilities.


The MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones provided the Leeds School of Business with a clean and flexible solution to capture high-quality audio in the school’s marquee “BASE” classroom, meeting the needs of a 21st century learning environment that requires accessibility for remote learning and recorded lectures.

Gear List

Model NumberQuantityDescription
2Featuring the WL185 lavalier microphone, QLXD14/85 combines professional features with simplified setup and operation.
1Audio network interface streamlines Microflex Wireless connectivity to conference room AV systems over 4 channels.
2Featuring an SM58® handheld wireless microphone transmitter, QLXD24/SM58 combines professional features with simplified setup and operation.
4The new MXA910 with IntelliMix® represents the next evolution in the Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array Microphone platform.