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IT Channel Strategies to Capitalize on AV Conferencing Opportunities

Stay competitive in the UC market: A new white paper uncovers essential steps for IT solution providers to deliver better conferencing experiences in dynamic, collaborative environments.
March, 28 2024 |
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Businesses and educational institutions are increasingly realizing a need for advanced audiovisual (AV) solutions to power flexible work and learning models today and in the future. Shifting priorities and evolving UC strategies are driving demand for sophisticated conferencing audio technologies that support a wider variety of spaces and use cases. This represents a sizeable commercial and competitive opportunity for IT channel partners to enhance your current offerings.

The global UC market is booming – valued at $64.7 billion in 2023 with 8.6% YOY growth*. A key driver is the desire for more equitable and seamless hybrid experiences in meetings, presentations, and learning, which fuels investments in innovative conferencing solutions.

Are you ready to support dynamic, collaborative environments and capitalize on this lucrative opportunity? 

Shure’s new white paper, titled “IT Channel Strategies: Enhancing UC & Collaboration with Advanced AV Solutions” explores the business imperatives and upsides of integrating professional audiovisual technologies into VARs’ and MSPs’ current UC practices. It outlines essential steps IT solution & service providers can take to elevate conferencing experiences for users, enhance client satisfaction, retention and loyalty, stand out from the competition and unlock new revenue potential.

The white paper offers crucial insights and recommendations that growth-oriented IT channel businesses need to consider, including:

  • Importance of AV within UC: Driving forces and trends in work and education that require more powerful technology for meetings, collaboration, and learning environments in order to deliver successful outcomes.
  • Shortfalls of all-in-one conferencing solutions: Limitations of typical videobars and similar peripheral devices in evolving spaces, and guidance on how to overcome complexities in space design and user behavior.
  • Steps to integrate professional AV into your portfolio: The strategic necessity of enhancing your audio/video conferencing offering and how to go about it, outlined in seven practical steps.
  • Success Stories in the IT Channel: Two case examples of IT distributors and VARs who have successfully ventured into the audiovisual sector in response to evolving client demands.
  • IT-ready audio solutions: Overview of advanced IP-based room audio solutions that deliver premium collaboration experiences in diverse spaces and are suited to the skillsets and workflows of IT professionals. 

Take the first step towards unlocking new opportunities for long-term success and learn how to transform your service offering to stay ahead of the curve:

Download the white paper here.


* Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Unified Communications and Collaboration Tracker, Q3 2023, Dec 2023

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