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In Their Own Words: What It's Like to Intern at Shure

September, 04 2013 |
There's nothing like starting an internship when you're young, smart, talented, and full of ideas...and discovering by the end of Day 1 that nobody's interested. That you're there to do the grunt work that full-time associates don't want to deal with.

Not at Shure.

Often, Shure interns come back for multiple summers, and sometimes, they get hired full time after graduation. So, an internship at Shure can be more than just an exceptionally great summer gig. It can be the beginning of a meaningful career. But enough of my words. Here's what the Summer 2013 interns have to say about their experiences, in their own words...

Where Education and Application Meet

Most people never realize how much work has to happen before any electronic product can be sold in a given country. There are many requirements that need to be met to ensure the product conforms to standards. This is my second year interning here, and I absolutely love the job. Being here gives a since of pride that just can't be described. This is a place where my military experience along with academic education has allowed me to contribute to the bringing of new products to the market. There is nothing like going into a store and seeing a product for sale that you helped test.  It's truly an unreal experience. –Shaun Syas, Product Conformance Intern

It has been surprising to me how quickly I learn material when I am practically applying it! I think I have learned five times as much this summer than I would in a semester of school. This was the main reason I chose to work at Shure this summer; I expected that it would be a great educational experience. However, I also respect Shure as a brand, and it has been very exciting to work for a company that I hold in such high regard. –Trent Marshall, Acoustical Engineering Intern

This was an exceptionally valuable opportunity as I was able to apply classroom lessons to my work here at Shure, while also applying experience gained at Shure to classes. It was a symbiotic relationship that really helped me get more out of both experiences. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that working at Shure has been a life-changing experience. –Jeremy Geffin, Supplier Quality Engineering Intern

A Real Job

How much control I'm given, and the impact I have on product design, has been a big surprise. I currently work on a few different projects, but for one of them, I am leading the efforts to design the screens and menu system for a new device. As an intern, I didn't expect to be given this much control over the development of a Shure product. –Robert Rehrig, User Experience Intern

I chose to intern here because this company encompasses a lot of the values I hold. It's innovative, so it's constantly stretching itself to create something new. Also, the people who work here are so friendly that it makes coming to work a joy, and it's a company that makes respected and reliable products. I knew that interning here would not only provide me with a fun experience, but an intellectually rewarding one as well. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of trust that was given to me during my three months here. They don't treat you like an intern here. They give you challenging tasks, and tasks that actually matter to the company. –Brooke Giddens, Artist Relations Intern & Get the Gig Competition Winner

Talk About the Passion

Choosing to be an intern at Shure for a second summer was a no brainer. The people I work with are enthusiastic about their work and are extremely helpful. Coming into work is easier knowing that my mentors are excited about their work and eager to teach me and guide me throughout my internship. –Raul Hudema, Logistics Intern

I chose to work at Shure Incorporated because it was the best place where I could combine my passions for music and engineering. After getting here, I was impressed and proud to find a high standard for integrity and quality of service to both customers and associates. –Julian Urrego, Digital Signal Processing Intern

This internship [...]is something of a "dream job" as it combines my two passions: audio technology and mechanical engineering/design. Additionally, I bought by first PG58 in 7th grade and have since had tremendous respect for Shure's dedication to quality and reliability.  After losing [Shure competitor] microphones after they fell out of the back of a (stationary) pickup truck, I bought two SM58s, beat the crap out of them, and still use them today when I play music. I am humbled and honored to be a part of Shure's rich history and unrivaled dedication to reliability. –Michael Diamond, Mechanical Design/Engineering Intern

I was really fortunate to be able to join the other extremely talented Shure associates in Shure's Eat to the Beat summer concert series as a guitarist in the intern band. I had so much fun preparing for the show while developing friendships with the other interns and associates. It really just reminds me that associates at Shure love what they do because the company celebrates their talents and who they are as people. –Dylan Snowden, Engineering Enhancements Intern

The wireless catalog of Shure is a vast array of unbelievably innovative products, and the associates who work to develop them are equally inspiring. I have learned so much this summer, and I owe it to the great engineers I have been able to work with. I have noticed a definite passion driving Shure as a company. I believe the passion for innovative products, optimal engineering, and achieving a better-sounding world has allowed such great accomplishments. It has been a real pleasure being exposed to such an inspiring presence. –James Pinkl, Digital Wireless Intern

The Big Picture

The most rewarding experience thus far has been learning about all of the current projects throughout the different [product] category departments. In listening to everyone's ongoing contributions to all of Shure's current and upcoming products, it's clear that I'm working with some of the best and brightest in the field of professional audio and customer satisfaction. After learning about how much thought and effort goes into the end-user experience, it's impossible to not feel an intense sense of pride for where the company is headed. –Sergio Alvarez, Global Product Management Intern

I interviewed with Shure for a 2012 HR internship and was devastated when I didn't get it. I jumped on the opportunity to interview again this year. One of the main reasons I immediately loved this company was the overwhelming feeling of unity and teamwork in the HR department. Also, at Shure, the HR department is not looked at by other departments as "the enemy." I have yet to get the impression that other departments feel as though HR acts as the police of the company. It truly is shocking to feel such cohesiveness in the company. –Kaylyn Kowalczyk, Human Resources Intern

For my first internship I could not have asked for a better experience. For the past 8 weeks, I have seen how our legendary products are built, inspected, packed, and shipped out to happy consumers. I got the chance to see products built piece by piece and was even responsible for improving this process.  By far my favorite part about working here this summer was being a part of the work atmosphere that S.N. Shure created. I can only hope that after I graduate I can find a company like Shure. –Kyle Passini, Manufacturing Engineering Intern

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