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How To DIY RoomDesign

RoomDesign lets you virtually recreate any room, add-in products, and check the coverage so you know exactly what you need before spending a cent.
September, 06 2021 |
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The foundation of Stem is based on problems that everyday people face when using or integrating conference room technology. One of the most common problems we came across was that the majority of people had to hire somebody externally to design their conference rooms and spec in products for each of them. The major issues with that approach are that it’s expensive, time-consuming to hire someone, and there’s no guarantee that the recommended products will actually effectively cover that room, so it’s ultimately all based on guesswork.

From that, the concept of RoomDesign was born. This lets you virtually recreate any room, add-in products, and even check the coverage so you know exactly what you need for your room before spending a single cent. Now you can spec a room all on your own and DIY with RoomDesign!

Watch the video below for a step by step walkthrough of our RoomDesign tool.

To start on your room and designing your customized ecosystem solution, the first thing you’re going do is click Get Started in the top right-hand corner of the Stem Ecosystem website.

Then it’s time to lay the “foundation” by clicking on Walls to add walls of any dimensions or configuration you want.


After all of your walls are up, add some furniture by selecting Furniture. You can really make it as close to the real deal so that when you add in products you’ll know whether or not you have enough coverage for your meetings and you can add accordingly.


Now comes the fun part! It’s time to add whatever products you want into the room by selecting Devices. At this step, you really have full creative control and the freedom to mix and match products within the ecosystem however you want. Just drag and drop the selected products into your design where you want them to be placed in the room!


Notice if you add multiple devices to a room, a Hub will automatically be added in. The Hub is designed to centralize communication between multiple devices in the room directly to your PC that is running Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or whatever your favorite video conferencing platform is.

After placing the devices, there’s one last step and that’s to check the estimated audio coverage of your room by clicking the Estimated Pickup button in the top left. If your room is covered as desired then you’re good to go, but if you see that the room needs more coverage just add in more products! That’s the beauty of RoomDesign!


Once you’re done channeling your inner HGTV design expert, you have the option to either download your design or go straight to order those products for the room. And that’s it! In a matter of minutes, you can design and spec’ a room right here on the Stem Ecosystem website.

Now, if you forget these steps don’t worry, you can always reference the video above or use the tutorial on the RoomDesign page. What are you waiting for? Go and create your rooms!


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