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Case Study

Crippen Takes Their Conference Room To New Heights With Stem Ceiling

Crippen upgrades their conference room audio with Stem Ceiling & Stem Hub.
September, 01 2021 |
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Customer Profile

Crippen provides strategic, time-saving accounting solutions for smart business leaders with the expertise of a large firm with the personalization they offer to every client in Central Florida since 1981. They simplify their client’s lives by equipping them with the clarity to make sound financial decisions. Crippen simplifies the business of business. From accounting, auditing, and tax to serving as advisors and outsourced CFOs, their team works to make their client’s work run smoothly.


Mike was looking to upgrade his large conference room audio to improve the meeting experience for his users. Their previous setup “was a telephone, which is not a good microphone and was not providing nearly enough coverage for a large conference room,” explained Torres. It was important to Mike that he found a solution that was out of sight, could pick up everyone in the room naturally, and that he would be able to install himself.

Specific challenges included:

  • Complete coverage
  • Poor audio quality
  • Hiring a third party for installation



Mike Torres, Managing Partner at Crippen, needed an audio solution that could be easily integrated into a large conference room for high quality meetings.

When Mike was looking around for a solution he came across Stem Ceiling and knew it was exactly what he was looking for. In just a few hours, he was able to fully install a Stem Ceiling with a Stem Hub which allowed him to integrate ceiling speakers to complete the room. “The install process was simple and we got the room up and running fairly quickly.”


"Installing Stem Ceiling was relatively easy and we got up and running fairly quickly. Finally, our audience can now hear us without any issue."

Mike Torres, Managing Partner

In deploying Stem Audio, Mike was able to outfit his conference room with a solution that delivered a high-quality audio experience to his users and now everyone in his organization can be heard perfectly without walking closer to the microphone in the room. “Our experience with Stem Audio has been wonderful. From the sales process, to purchasing, to receipt and installation. Top notch customer support and service. We would definitely buy from here again.”

Gear List

Model NumberQuantityDescription
1Stem Hub is a conference communication center device that enables multiple Stem units in a room to communicate with each other and function as one ecosystem.
1Stem Ceiling is an innovative ceiling microphone array that can be mounted on the conference room ceiling and enables you to create high quality audio coverage.