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Building A BYOD Meeting Space With Stem and Airtame

You can now use the Airtame Hub and Stem Ecosystem together to get the most out of your organization’s meetings!
June, 14 2023 |
Stem x Airtame

A Guide To Building Your BYOD Meeting Space

The primary building blocks to video conferencing systems are deceptively simple: audio, video, and a computer to run them and make the calls. Scaling that model while keeping the flexibility workers need to get the most out of their conference calls is where the true difficulty lies. As more offices transition to a hybrid work model, IT managers are on the hunt for tech solutions that offer the kind of scalability and flexibility needed to create modern, BYOD conference rooms for users across their organization. To help ease this process, we created a guide to break down what you need to know about BYOD spaces, the equipment you need to create them, and how to get your BYOD space up and running in no time. 


This guide to creating your own BYOD conference room using the Stem Ecosystem and Airtame Hub includes:

  • A shopping list for the equipment you’ll need.
  • A step-by-step guide on setting up your BYOD conference room.
  • Connection maps for different-sized conference rooms.

Read the guide here


Learn more about the Stem and Airtame partnership here!

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