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Build Your Own Unidyne

Used by countless artists, the 55 remains the most well-known mic in the world. We're paying tribute to this icon with a special release of three paper models.
April, 29 2014 |

It was 75 years ago today when Shure released a rugged, high-performance public address microphone called the Unidyne® 55. No ordinary microphone, the 55 gave the world the first professional tool to reproduce sound in vibrant tones and textures, without the complex setup requirements of other mics of the time. Beyond the microphone's amazing sonic capabilities, it quickly became a beacon for the bold, a signal of status, and an extension of the excellent. The 55 has always had a tangible cool factor. Used by countless performers, the 55 remains the most recognizable microphone in the world and the standard for sonic swagger.


We're paying tribute to this cultural icon with a special release of three paper models of our classic microphones: the 1939 Unidyne 55, 1989 55SH Series II, and 2009 Super 55. When you make one, your picks and spare cables will gain a paper best friend atop a guitar cabinet. Office desks shall no longer be dominated solely by coffee-stained coasters and tacky tape dispensers. And dancing hula girls won't be the only fashion statement made by your car's dashboard.


Show Us Your Mic!

Of course, these are but a small list of possible uses for your new paper mic. We want to see your creativity in action. Celebrate the Unidyne's anniversary with us by tagging photos of your crafty creation with #Paper55 on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.


In the spirit of DIY, we leave the heavy lifting of constructing the microphone to you. But here are a few tips our engineers wanted to pass along to ensure the best of builds:

  • Standard printing paper (8.5 x 11) works well, but printing on cardstock will give your Paper 55 extra rigidity and sturdiness
  • Make sure to select "Scale to Fit" when printing the assembly kit
  • Cut carefully along each component's edge with a hobby knife
  • Double-sided tape and glue work well for adhering the tabs


Click on the mic of your choice below to download the PDF:

Vintage Unidyne 55

55SH Series II

Super 55

Brent Burdick
Digital Project Manager for Shure. Devoted to the continued research and exploration of printmaking, pizza, and cats.

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