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April Webinar: Frequency Coordination for Wireless Systems

Our next webinar will talk you through the basics of frequency coordination.
April, 15 2015 |
A lot of people are concerned about the upcoming FCC spectrum auction and what it means for the wireless systems they use. In the ever-changing world of spectrum availability, it's important to stay on top of proper frequency coordination techniques. You can get a head start on that by attending our next webinar on April 20.

Frequency Coordination for Wireless Systems

Careful frequency planning is an essential part of successful wireless system operation, regardless of the number of systems. Whether it's simply scanning to find the best frequency for a single system, installing a dozen systems in a church, or coordinating multiple rooms in a large conference center, the techniques covered during this 60-minute webinar will help ensure that your wireless systems perform successfully, even in crowded RF environments.

Join Gino Sigismondi and Sam Drazin from Shure as they explain the basics of frequency coordination, discuss problems you might encounter if frequencies are not chosen correctly, and introduce tools, techniques, and software that professionals use for coordinating frequencies for large-scale events.

Cheryl DaProza
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