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Studio Sound for Every Meeting

Performance-grade audio from Shure brings clarity to conferencing.

The right solution for every room. 

Whether your space needs custom configuration or a DIY install, any sound challenge can be solved.

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Microflex Ecosystem

• Precision coverage.

• For one to many participants.

• For spaces with critical requirements.

• Offers more configurability, processing and clarity.


Stem Ecosystem

• The simple setup.
• For one to many participants.
• For spaces with fewer audio challenges.
• Scalable across an organization.


Home Office

• Pro at home.
• For individuals.
• For the home office.
• As clear as if everyone is in a conference room.

Solutions by Application


Home Office

Microphones and headphones designed for the most discerning listeners and audio professionals: Shure puts studio quality sound in your home office.

Conference & Discussion

Precision and reliability are essential when important information is shared. Shure microphones let you confer with clarity.



Command more attention from your audience with a presentation microphone. Shure advanced voice solutions add cutting-edge clarity to the agenda.



Shure advanced voice solutions add cutting-edge clarity to the curriculum.

Solutions by Room Type



The boardroom is at the hub of momentous business decisions. Shure conference microphones enable natural communication where it counts.

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Audio quality and convenience that lets you consult, discuss, and make effective decisions.


Training Room

What’s the smart way to build student engagement? Enhanced teaching microphones bring more clarity to the classroom.

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Better communication for powerful collaboration.

Quality audio is critical for productive meetings. When your teams can hear, they’ll stay more engaged—keeping ideas and innovation flowing freely.

Are audio challenges limiting the conversation? 

Delivering great sound will keep everyone working like they’re in the same room.

Annoying Echo

Maintain the natural flow of discussion by blocking disruptive echos.

Distracting Noise

Make sure every word comes through by eliminating unwanted sound.

Inconsistent Volume

Ensure everyone on both sides of the conversation can be heard with complete room coverage.


Sound Advice: Maximizing Hybrid Work Through Audio Quality

AV that’s friendly to IT. 

Audio designed to fit a variety of unified communication workflows, making conferencing less complicated.


Secure, remote device management that works within the architecture IT teams already understand.


Versatile Stem and Microflex Ecosystems support enterprise-wide deployments, tailored to each room type.


Whether it’s changing seating layouts or adjusting meeting formats, there’s a range of ways to adapt to the space.

Conferencing. Connected.

With select solutions certified for all major conferencing applications, compatibility is never a concern.