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Shure offers a variety of internship opportunities around the world for students and recent graduates who are interested in growing their skills in a chosen discipline. Our internships, co-ops, dual, and graduate trainee offerings are challenging and rewarding. These programs can differ based on country.

United States

For example, in the US, our program takes place over 12 weeks (May/June-August) and is offered to undergraduate and graduate students who are seeking real work experience. Interns take ownership of meaningful projects that let them see the results of their work by the time they leave Shure. During the program, business leaders provide department overviews to help interns better understand Shure’s business. Additionally, team building and networking events give interns the opportunity to socialize and form valuable connections with each other, within their teams, and across the Company. At the end of the program, interns present their summer projects to an audience of mentors and peers to showcase their accomplishments. Internship openings in the US are usually posted in August/September, and candidates who are selected to move forward in the hiring process are contacted starting in October.

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In India, the Graduate Engineering Trainee (GET) program is offered to new graduates who have recently completed their Bachelor’s program. These engineering trainees are provided with four-week rotational training to learn multiple software and engineering disciplines at the Company. We offer a wide range of opportunities, where the trainee’s get to utilize their theoretical experience in a real-time environment. In our multicultural environment graduates can gain experience that is valued worldwide. The GET program is to encourage fresh talent in the market.

Europe and UK

Many of our European and UK offices provide opportunities for both internships and dual student programs. The Dual Student Program focuses on students interested in International Management. Each intern can select from a few disciplines (like Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Human Resources) to focus on during the rotational program. The internship and Dual programs provide a blend of observation and hands-on projects to enhance each student’s knowledge.


In the Suzhou, China Manufacturing facility, the Internship Program is offered to students who have finished a majority of their coursework and are interested in gaining real world experience for future careers before graduation. The internship length can vary from one (1) month to six (6) months and covers a variety of disciplines. The training program was provided to expand knowledge and experiences outside of classroom in Products, Process and Projects.

Each intern receives a competitive salary and, in some regions, may receive a housing stipend to offset living expenses if they relocate for their internship.

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