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Lights are focused. Scenery is placed. The orchestra is tuned. The cast moves into the place and the curtain rises to a packed house of eager eyes and ears. With all the preparation that goes into a flawless theatrical production, you can’t let sound issues turn a drama into a farce or a comedy into a tragedy. Building on decades of wireless audio and microphone design, Shure has developed a suite of products designed to meet the demands of this critical moment.

Audio Systems Guide for Theater


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Incredibly small, smooth bodypack with internal antenna for better concealment and more comfortable wear in theater productions and other applications requiring discreet placement.


From cap to connector, Shure TwinPlex dual-diaphragm lavalier microphones deliver premium sound quality and industry-defining durability – all available with comprehensive options for the most demanding theater applications.


Dual and quad receiver options open the gateway to the full range of features, from high-performance RF and transparent digital audio to software control. ShowLink technology offers unprecedented remote control and monitoring for easy coordination of clean, usable frequencies no matter what kind of RF environment you face.


Wireless Workbench 7 lets you remotely monitor and manage every piece of gear connected to your system without interrupting the production. Frequency calculation and analysis for supported devices allows you to coordinate the entire show from one application.

Field-Tested Testimonials

Hear what other theater audio professionals have to say about using Axient Digital, the ADX1M micro bodypack, TwinPlex lavaliers, and Wireless Workbench 7 in real-world situations.

Further Reading

Insider sound techniques, tips and tricks, and exclusive how-to articles to help you get the most from your audio in theater productions.

TwinPlex Takes the Stage

TwinPlex Takes the Stage

After years in development followed by extensive field-testing in the most high-profile events and shows ever, TwinPlex microphones are ready for prime time. Product Manager John Born explains what it took to create one of the most complex microphones Shure has ever built.

Look, Ma! No Wires! How Wireless Microphones Changed Theatre

Zoe Milton, stage sound engineer and Administrator at the ASD, the UK's Association of Sound Designers, reflects on how improvements in wireless microphone technology have changed her working life, and looks to the future.

From Rock & Roll to Rocky Horror with Theatre Sound Designer, Gareth Owen

Gareth Owen is an acclaimed British sound designer whose portfolio includes many of the world's biggest musical theatre spectaculars, including 'Disney's Hunchback Of Notre Dame,'Sister Act', 'Hairspray', and 'Disney's Little Mermaid' to name just a few.

Audio Systems Guide for Theater


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