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Presentation Microphones

Command more attention from your audience with a presentation microphone. Shure advanced voice solutions add cutting-edge clarity to the agenda.

The presenter’s voice is at the centre of any productive presentation or training session. When attention is valuable, intelligently amplified speech gets you more.


Shure installed sound systems are designed to elevate training through a deeper audio experience and innovative flexibility. Hands-free microphones. Simple operation. Powerful voice reproduction. Presentations never sounded so presentable.

Connect to your audience

Microflex® Wireless for Presenting and Training

You spend weeks preparing your content for the next big presentation. Those hours of preparation shouldn’t be wasted as soon as you are handed the microphone. Microflex® Wireless allows you the freedom to move around the stage so you can present at your best. The reliability of our wireless technology enables freedom without the quality being compromised, ensuring you can still be heard. Wires are no longer an issue.

GLX-D+ DUAL BAND Digital Wireless Systems

Ready-To-Go. Every Time. Automatically.

GLX-D+ Dual Band Digital Wireless is the perfect solution for musicians and presenters who want to go wireless with confidence, and without complexity. Every aspect of its operation is managed automatically and with total reliability, allowing you to focus on your performance. With new Dual Band Wireless Technology, GLX-D+ can operate in both 2.4 and 5.8GHz, more than doubling the available bandwidth while also intelligently avoiding interference for reliable, dropout-free audio.

reliable in the most challenging environments

ULX-D® for Presenting and Training

When presenting or training, you want the reassurance that the technology is going to work. You need the focus to be on your content, not distractions from technology. ULX-D is a secure, scalable solution that allows you the freedom to present in challenging environments. From managing diverse sound sources to protecting RF from smartphones and other stray signals, the intelligent system is reliable and solves wireless problems of all sizes.

Capture your audience

Microflex® Advance™ for the presentation space

When presenting and training, it can be difficult to hold your audience. You don’t want to have technology problems that distract you. Microflex® Advance is a discreet microphone that fits seamlessly into your training rooms. The Steerable Coverage™ Technology provides precise audio capture of the presenter and the audience. Connecting you closer to your audience and stopping the need to repeat questions.


Stem Ecosystem for Presenting and Training

Nothing is worse than having the presentation you’ve spent weeks preparing for interrupted by technical difficulties and poorly optimized audio. Presenters need the confidence to ensure that their message gets across without a hitch. The Stem Ecosystem lets you turn any room into a professional presentation space by mixing and matching up to ten audio endpoints to create a customized coverage map that guarantees a connection to your audience.

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